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My Portfolio

Here you can check out projects I've worked on.

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Title: Centaur
Role: Co-Cinematographer
Dates: Oct 2023 - Jan 2024

A wealthy and insecure inpatient at a private hospital wakes up after his successful penis enlargement surgery… however, he soon finds that life with a giant penis isn’t as glamorous as he imagined

A dark satirical comedy exploring fragile masculinity in the world of extreme body modifications

Screenshot (297).png

Title: The Lady Anchoress
Role: Sound Recordist
Dates: June 2023

Logline :

Francesca finds improbable love in the company of a priest.

A dark comedy satire that confronts religion and romance through surrealism, social commentary and satire.

Screenshot (300).png

Title: Finding Henny
Role: Gaffer
Dates: May 2023

An elderly woman sees the world through her younger selves as she struggles with dementia. Meanwhile, her devoted husband attempts to be recognized.

Screenshot (305).png

Title: Flowers for the Resting
Role: Sound Recordist and Designer

Dates: Feb - May 2023

Five year old Fiora finds what she thinks is a sleeping girl, only to have her innocent worldview shattered.

Screenshot (302).png
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